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Friday, February 7, 2014

Ou sonje mwen?

You remember me?

After being to Haiti 10 times in the last 2 years, this is a phrase that I have said on recent trips, seeing if people remember me being there before.  There are so many faces.  Honestly I struggle to remember them.  I am not gifted at all when it comes to remembering names, especially when there is a lot of stuff going on around me.

But...the momma with the 15 day old baby that changed my life about a year ago, I will NEVER forget.  She let us hold her brand new baby!!  Wow.  A group of white people coming into her section of Cite Soleil, the slums of Port Au Prince, Haiti, and she allowed us to hold her baby.  She was not a mother desperate to find a better life for her baby, attempting to give it away to us.  Instead she stayed close by our side, watching every move we made, protecting her sweet gift from God.  Her baby was all wrapped up in clean blankets and had a knitted green and white hat on... beautiful.

February 2013 (15 days old)
We all prayed that God would protect that sweet sweet face.  But, it is Cite Soleil.  It is dark and desperate there.  Not a good chance this baby will make it past 3 months.  We were told by other missionaries that many mommas in Haiti do not name their babies until after they are 3 months old, understanding that there is a very good chance they will not survive.  I don't remember if this baby girl had a name.  I would like to think that she did by the way she was loved and taken care of, in the hopes that she will survive.

I have been back to that particular section in the Cite three times since first meeting "her".  I always look for them.  I know that I will not recognize the baby, but hope that the mother will "sonje" me.

One week ago today, I saw the mom.  I recognized her.  I asked her in creole if she remembered me!  She said yes and that we held her baby when she was very tiny.  Only God.

February 2014 (1 year old!)
Sweet Christina is thriving!  She looks healthy and well taken care of!  Mom was breast feeding her while we were talking, so I was able to tell her how amazing that was and that her "Christina" would be strong because of the nursing.  I told her that the milk she had was the perfect food for her baby.  She smiled and gave me a big hug.

I have been praying for a year.  This baby changed my life, and continues to.

I told her I would be back soon and that I would remember her... and pray for her.

Mwen sonje ou! 

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