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"Sometimes I would like to ask God why He allows poverty, suffering, and injustice when He could do something about it." ...Well, why don't you ask Him?... "Because I'm afraid He would ask me the same question."

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Divine Appointment

Sometimes God puts you in the exact right place at the exact right time…That is what He did a few weeks ago in Haiti.  We were meeting with some sponsored families for Isaiah61, Schelda’s family in particular, and spent quite a bit of time hanging out at her house.  I felt compelled to ask a lot of questions and had several different feelings stirring in me.  I felt sad, worried, happy, grateful, loved, noticed, rewarded, aware, and on and on.  My brain was so consumed with Schelda that I had a hard time focusing… Yet God still made me notice them.  

Two sisters.  I had met one of them before.  I am not exactly sure of their names or ages, but they are the daughters of the pastor “up the mountain”.  So brilliant.  So helpful.  The older daughter had been the one that was in charge of helping us filter through and find the families that were in the most desperate need for our sponsorship program.  

At this point I didn't know anything about her except that she was helping us with the sponsorship program for Isaiah61...

Little did I know that the tables would be turned…

She went from being in charge of finding families, to being a child that needed school.  She put herself before everyone else.  She would never tell me that she needed school, but God told me to ask the questions.  

“Are you going to school?”  Yes was her answer.  (ask her where…)
“Where are you going to school?” Port Au Prince (my heart sank…)
“Why are you going to Port to go to school instead of going here?” Because we do not have the money for me to go here and a relative has offered to pay for school in Port Au Prince. (i all of a sudden feel sick…)
“When are you leaving?” Tomorrow (do something now…)

For what seemed like an eternity, I did not say anything.  My mind flooded with all of the things that could happen to her if she goes to school in Port. (safety, restavak, sex trafficking, death, sickness, pregnancy). There are so many stories of kids that come from the countryside to go to Port Au Prince in hopes of a better life and they end up pregnant, sick, malnourished, and so on.

Don’t wait Amy. Do something.  

“I will help you if you want to stay and go to school in Moreau.”  (no words, just a huge smile...)
“Would you like to do that?” (no words, a giant head nod and a hug that I will never forget…)

Both her and her sister were suppose to be traveling to Port Au Prince the very next day, but God had a divine appointment for the 3 of us.